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Information About The Archive Lab

The Archive Lab is a bespoke service; capable of cleaning, developing, restoring and digitizing old photographic media and presenting these collections in an organized archived format and cataloged digital galleries.

We use a Fuji Frontier SP3000 lab grade scanner, with associated masks for many different formats of film. This is the main workhorse when it comes to archiving material, and is backed up by an up to date Epson v700 for unusual film formats, large format and print archiving requirements. From time to time clients may want an extra special scan or large scan, due to feasibility and access we like to outsource this aspect of the service to professional drum scanners.

In addition to the digital side of our service, we are able to cater to clients for different film development requirements. This includes Black & White, c41 (Colour Negative) and e6 (Colour Positive) development and associated printing.

We hope that with the above equipment and experience, we can convert any collection of photographs, film, undeveloped rolls and prints and return them in an organized, archived and digital presentation that will last for many years to come.